Speak your true worth.
NY style imageconsulteing a world-class product and price.
Commitment to results in Executive, management, not only in appearance.


Q1 How can I please tell me.
Reservations are accepted only from the WEB.
You manipulate lesson booking button on the site and dates available for booking will be shown, so from there please please choose the most convenient schedules.

Q2 request prior consultation is possible?
Yes, LINE @ the friend requests to in the contact becomes possible in the LINE.

Please tell me after the Q3 application flow.
Sign up for email, contact the reservation is confirmed or will be in one of the phone.
In doing so, we will adjust initial consulting for more information.

After the end of the Q4 service follow-up?
Yes, we do.
Counseling and consulting after LINE @ in a month free of questions will be answered.
After-sales follow-up plans at an additional cost.

Q5 gender restrictions? Men and women tend to use either??
There extensive consulting experience to either, so, you can use.

Do you Q6 it fashion is not okay?
Knowledge of fashion is totally unnecessary.
Professional Coordinator we propose optimal coordination from questionnaires and interviews.
Do not know about fashion Coordinator please feel free to ask.

Q7/month subscription service and what would be better?
Rather than a one-time consulting and offer coordination and ongoing fashion purchases, it their definite plans about three.
Light plan standard plan premium plan you need to prepare.
You will receive your clothes coordinated monthly premium plan only.
6To enjoy in the contract for more than a month you will receive a order suits!
Standard plan goes to affiliated beauty salon, will be styled from hair.
After that shopping will accompany him. Light plan are available on LINE @ in your teaching.
Cots, outsourcing work to purchase in the e-commerce site.
Order the pants as well as your hem a pee after we will send your lifestyle will be smooth.

Q8 rural lives, but services that are available?
Principles consultation will be in Tokyo, where you will find you if you are available.
There is also the opportunity to go on a business trip in your living area, so when 合imashitara, consulting in the area of your living will enable.
Please consult in advance on LINE @ support.

Q9 cancellation charge?
If 100% takes 3 days prior if 50% 7 days after each 20% cancellation fee.
Cancellation fee is charged automatically credit card at time of booking.

Corporate visitors

Q1 corporate services are what kinds?
Conducts instructor training, seminars, lectures, and benefits to employees ' individual consulting.

Q2 what can respond from the name what?
Consult training, depending on the contents of the seminar, so please let me decide.

Corporate services is implemented in Q3?
Consultant listen case if you wish.

Would it be possible to offer training in the Q4 year?
For example in month 1 time, continuous training, hotel.

Q5 What industry and business?
Corporations, corporate executives, salespeople, accountants for the training for many will be responsible for.

And Pasonal Color 4season

"Color to" did you know?

Something to wear clothes and makeup, is the impression of the appearance of the skin, face or eyes and affect the impression of that person to decide on how to choose the one most important element.