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To dramatically improve the first impression image consulting
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Aki Inoue

And dignified woman selected writings
amazon2 Crown achievement circle imprints store Yaesu Yaesu Book Center non-fiction Department, women playing Division 10 weeks consecutive

-MISS ASIA PASIFFIC finalist led to the Fourth World Conference.
Image consultant styling mental training instructor

And corporate training seminars
Foreign companies, domestic financial companies, think tank system, beauty companies, apparel companies, Bridal company

-Media magazine cover article number.
"BEAUTE beauty" and the "beauty Cafe' adult Cafe

-Fashion show by collaboration experience.
University of the Ryukyus
freepeper Be-o

And performing arts Office's talent appearance strategies teacher proven.
About make-up styling color

-Fashion Institute of technology University Fashion Institute of Technology Fashion Design (NY)Get

And in New York he studied NYIC Amanda.

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FIT(Fashion Institute Technology)Fashion Institute of technology
-Fashion and design get

He studied at the imageconsulteing authentic NY NYIC Amanda

Personal color Association of Japan

Color skills personal color test Advisor analyst

NY international image consultant Amanda and this partnership will in August


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Prudential life insurance co., Ltd. co., Ltd.
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STC as corporation tax accountant Office
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Nexus Inc co., Ltd. '
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NPO Japan anti-aging&Like the health Design Association
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Top connect, Inc.
Creaters Next co., Ltd.
Heritage network co., Ltd.
Wedding venue companies

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I want to stage their own change

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Aesthetic September 2016


First impressions are very important.

Mehrabian's law you know?

Research shows that impression when people met at the first meeting with someone by appearance, 55% of impressions determines the relative was revealed.

On the other hand is only 7 percent do not remain in the impression and said. 5 first impression-is said to have fixed at 7 seconds.

In the know bring out the charm of your own personal color, clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories such as total coordination to opponent gave the impression, or advance to smooth communication.


3 reasons chosen

CLAP TOKYO mission and purpose

Image strategy and delves into the good points, I will tell you.

Why do I need image strategy or you ease in "happy" to talk メンタルトレーニングマンツーマン live as fulfilling a new future will be new.

"Well I get to see you! "Do not meet just who said that?
Opponents even in your own bright caring aims to be an energetic world, glamour but you do not have outside and inside with drawers, can be expressed as and.

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