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NY style imageconsulteing a world-class product and price.
Commitment to results in Executive, management, not only in appearance.

Monthly Concierge service

Online Salon 3, 800 yen / month
[15Days for free!]

Monthly Concierge service to your daily styling and purchase LINE @ is a service by using online chat to answer.

For instance
-Any combination will fit in with clothes shopping, but I now have.
-What items would be in favor of buying.
-Choose a size for online at e-commerce sites do?
As of can buy questions also discuss in the chat in real time.
Once you have received consulting to recommend plans are.

Light plan

9,800Yen / month
[15Days for free!]

[Shopping chat consulting]
You lose items in shopping online, such as chat with what combination of good or advise in real time.
Buy at e-commerce sites are also enabled.

[Hem repair options:
The corresponds to the hem back by purchase in the e-commerce site, please mail to us.
(500Yen / 1)

Standard plan

19800 yen per month
In addition to the contents of the Wright plan, the following services will be added.

[Hair styling services]
Alliance hairdresser and a great hairstyle with our consultants for monthly suggestions and, delivers the best combination of fashion.
Best of affiliated photographers and each month you shoot the piece.

Premium plan

49800 yen per month
Will send monthly perfect coordination in addition to the standard plan, look to your attire.
And send the best custom-tailored suits, each season according to your body shape.

Counseling ring menu

Hearing the worries of work and lifestyle, clothing, hairstyles, etc.
Or any image fit your work and lifestyle "wish images" of direction produces.

Do the following counselling.

Counseling basic plan


Options(In addition the following will add above counselling)

Corporate training menu

[Customer-service staff training:
Sales and presentation training for consultants
Senior management and executive training
For more information on arrangements to suit your needs we offer.

Advisory contract:50000 yen/month ~
Training meeting:10Million yen ~ per