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NY style imageconsulteing a world-class product and price.
Commitment to results in Executive, management, not only in appearance.

Personal colour analysis

Frame diagnosis

Personal shopping

Closet analysis

Professional make-up lesson

Mens consultation

Finishing course

Enterprise consultation

I think you are so far not honed in the world presentation of teaching how to book.
We truly value your suggestions and your personality is inherent to physical relief, science in the seminars, one on one.

Mental training

Attitude and behavior so far had been unconsciously improve little by little and the man himself how to deal better with stress in everyday life.
To contribute in the Muri not positive thinking every day.
"Well listen to me", "how to take a positive attitude" to the human relationships hard to think less.
It is a course can be a stress-free and smoothly even with a weak opponent.

Body language

Bridal consultation